An animal rescue center is endangered in Bolivia

The figure of the animal rescue center is very necessary to safeguard wildlife, especially in those countries where biodiversity and crimes against it are as abundant as in Bolivia. Now, the animal rescue center ONCA is seriously threatened by the latest floods and needs all possible help.

An animal rescue center, damming the water

The Organization for Natives and Conservation of the Amazon, also known as ONCA, is an animal rescue center located in the Bolivian Amazon, specifically between the Madidi National Park and the Pilón Lajas Natural Park. A few days ago, a flood from the nearby Beni River razed several facilities in the center , including the veterinary clinic, the dorms of the volunteers and the kitchens.

Thanks to the work tireless volunteers and workers of the center, no animal has been injured. Some animals, like primates, have climbed the tallest trees to avoid being swallowed by the waters. At present, ONCA is responsible for numerous species of monkey: from the hard-headed capuchin monkey to the squirrel monkey, to a group of spider monkeys and a trio of howler monkeys.

Other animals they have been relocated, as in the case of the coatis and some of the latest ONCA rescues: two young cats threatened, the jaguar and the margay , urgently need facilities to guarantee their welfare. p>

ONCA: jaguar

Likewise, one of the biggest concerns of the center is the absence of veterinary clinic and quarantine , without which it is impossible to guarantee the health of the dozens of wild specimens that this animal rescue center has saved from illegal trafficking of fauna.

Most of these animals have come through seizures, and even many of them have been mascots. other people who have ended up giving in to the center. At the ONCA camp these animals can live a life that combines their natural habitat with the necessary veterinary care for these abused animals.

Normally, the rainy season is always a challenge for this animal rescue center, but it seems that every year the floods are greater and, on this occasion, a large part of the structures of the center have been buried.

The work of ONCA, more necessary than ever

This animal rescue center not only fights against illegal trade and biodiversity loss: it also works together with local communities in the Amazon to ensure that its The conservation project supports those who live with the animals that ONCA takes over , and which also make up part of the center's staff.

Animal rescue center

Thus, ONCA works with the native communities Ese Ejja and Tacana, with English classes, reforestation, construction of schools, delivery of school materials or educational activities to raise awareness about the ecosystems that surround these people and in turn to learn from them.

The ONCA camp was the heart of this conservation project, and included ecological gardens, veterinary clinic, quarantine , in addition to accommodation for animals and for the people who help them. Now, he must continue his task having to reconstruct a large part of the center in non-floodplain land.

To face this, the Bolivian animal rescue center is urging all possible help.