Scraper for cats: why does not my cat like it?

A pet pussycat does not lose its instinct or the inherited customs of its wild ancestors. And that's why, among many other things, you need to scratch your nails , not only to sharpen and renew them, but to mark territory. For this it is ideal that you provide a scraper for cats. But is it possible that your pet does not like the object in question?

An indispensable object for the kittens

In the wild, cats scratch their nails, usually , on the trunks of the trees. So, unless your pussycat has access to a garden or you let it walk freely outside your house, you should provide a cat scraper .

In case avoid the consequences of taking it against your furniture or against any decorative element of your home that you think is relevant to perform this activity.

That's why the scrapers are they become indispensable . But you must bear in mind that, however beautiful or expensive this object may be, or for more care that you have put into making it, it is possible that your cat does not like it and continue using doors, windows, carpets, sofas and countless etceteras to sharpen their nails and mark territory.

We tell you the different reasons why your cat may not like your scraper and prefer to use the furniture in the house to sharpen their nails .

Cats: scrapers

Causes of rejection to the scraper for cats

But what are the reasons why the kitten does not want to use the scraper that you have bought or built so dearly? Many can be reasons and it is important that you keep them in mind to avoid wasting time, money and various household items. Take note:

  • Inadequate size . If the scraper is too small, it may not be able to awaken your pet's interest. Keep in mind that this element should allow you to hook your nails at one end and be able to stretch.
  • Instability. A scraper that does not hold well, wobbles or becomes weak can reach scare the pussycat. Pay attention that it has a suitable base and even that it can be fastened in some way to the floor or a wall.
  • Texture. There are scrapers of all kinds. You have already seen it in real or virtual pet stores. But you have to provide the built with a material of your liking. It can be cardboard, carpet, rope ... Try to find out which elements are most attractive to you. And, if not, there will be no more to resort to 'trial and error'.

Other reasons why you do not use the scraper

Other issues to consider to prevent your pussycat from rejecting the scraper they are:

  • Position . See if your pussycat prefers to scratch horizontally, vertically or indistinctly before buying or making a scraper.
  • Location . Go theme. Not all places are liked by these felines and, even if you have the perfect scraper, you will not use it if you are not in the right corner. Find quiet places, where you can sleep or relax. Or try placing it in front of a piece of furniture that you use to scratch your nails.
  • Strong odors . If the object is impregnated with a certain smell, it can cause the animal to reject it. Remember that the cat is very sensitive to certain aromas (some plants, cosmetics, etc.).
  • Lack of education . In spite of their intelligence, to the pigs it does not hurt to teach them to use the scraper, if possible, since they were small.You will generate a negative experience and you will achieve the opposite effect: you will remove the possibility that your pussycat will use it.